• Eligibility Criteria
  • You must be resident in Scotland
  • You have been made redundant or currently at risk of redundancy from the Oil and Gas Sector or its supply chain
  • You have worked in the Oil and Gas sector or the supply chain as an employee or contractor
  • You must be able to show that the training will help you get a new job
  • You must be actively seeking employment
  • You have not committed to, or undergone, the course of training you’re looking for funding for
  • This site has now closed and no new applications will be accepted. If you applied on or before 31 March 2019 and the application needs to be amended, please contact your application adviser. See Terms and Conditions for more details

Our Performance

to Midnight Sunday 27 September
Applications Received


A total of 10,600 applications
have been made to the fund.

Up to and including the 31st March 2019, an application was received once a customer completed (i) their registration stating their personal details and that they considered themselves eligible to apply to the Transition Training Fund, and (ii) a training proposal that will help them towards alternative employment. Once completed, a SDS Adviser will contact the customer to provider guidance on how to complete and provide evidence to support their claim to the Transition Training Fund. The number of applications will still increase beyond the 31st March due to processing of applications received prior to the 31st March.

Decisions Made


Of the 10,600 applications received,
a decision has been made on 10,589.

Decisions made include applications where the customer is approved for funding for training and also where the customer's application is unsuccessful. Where a customer's application is unsuccessful a customer may re-apply to the Transition Training Fund - subject to the approaching closure of the fund as described in any TTF website notices and in the most recent TTF Terms and Conditions.
  Unsuccessful applications can be the result of the customer withdrawing their application to reconsider their training proposal, the customer not maintaining contact with an SDS adviser for more than 6 weeks, or where a customer cannot evidence their eligibility. In all cases, an SDS adviser will support the customer as far as possible with their application to the Transition Training Fund.



Of the 10,589 decisions made,
4,091 are approved funding applications.

Approved applications are successful and result in the customer receiving funding for their training proposal. When an application is approved an SDS adviser accepts the evidence of personal eligibility submitted by the customer and agrees that the training proposal submitted enhances the likelihood of the customer gaining employment. Before an application is approved a customer must also confirm they agree to the awarded funding for the approved training.

Transition Traing Fund Evaluation

An independent evaluation of the Transition Training Fund is now available and can be found below.

TTF Review Final Summary.pdf

About The Fund

The £12m Transition Training Fund was set up by the Scottish Government and is managed by Skills Development Scotland. It offers support with training grants to help you to retrain, upskill or get accreditation or certification that would help you get a new job in oil and gas, the wider energy sector, or engineering and manufacturing. The fund may also be able to assist you to transition into STEM related teaching.

Who Can Be Helped?

The Fund is available to people who’ve lost their job since January 2015. However, consideration will be given to people made redundant before then, if the job loss was due to the oil and gas downturn. You can apply for the fund at any time after being made redundant, or facing the threat of redundancy – up until fund closure which will be on 31st March 2019, unless funding allocations are exhausted prior to this date – see Terms and Conditions for more details. You won’t be disadvantaged if you’ve already done training with other support such as your SDS Individual Learning Account or the Employability Fund.

What Can It Be Used For?

Support from the fund will only cover training costs – not travel or subsistence. Training costs will be agreed on a case by case basis. So you may be offered a contribution, or up to 100% of the costs. Funding may be approved for up to £4,000. You can only apply once, but your application could support multiple training courses if necessary. You must apply before the fund closes, which will be on 31st March 2019, unless funding allocations are exhausted prior to this date – see Terms and Conditions for more details.
What If I'm Not Eligible

If You're Not Eligible

If you've been made redundant, you can still get support from PACE. Find out about PACE and get information and advice to help with your next steps on My World of Work.

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Contact Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) on 0800 917 8000 for free, impartial advice. You can also drop in to, or contact your local SDS centre.

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